Toy Hauler

a toy hauler RV with an american flag attached to it and a 4x4 vehicle parked next to it


Available as Class A, Class C, travel trailers, or fifth wheels, toy haulers give you a place to live and a place for your toys, including dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks, and more. Many people think of toy haulers as the wild-child of the RV world. While the toy haulers originated as a mobile man-cave, complete with diamond-plated walls, this popular RV type has evolved into much more. Today, you might want to think of toy haulers as open-concept living spaces with multi-purpose utility.


Features & Specs

Approx. 2,240 - 20,310
Approx. 16 to 43 feet
Up to 3
Sleep Capacity
Up to 11


Frequently Asked Questions About Toy Haulers

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