Guide to Towing

Guide to Towing

Just like RV life is different from everyday life, towing an RV is different from your average road trip.  Get familiar with how to hook up and safely hit the road.

Match Your Tow Vehicle to Your RV

It’s critical to take the time to properly match your tow vehicle to your towable RV to ensure you can safely tow in all conditions. Consult your tow vehicle owner’s manual or your dealer for information on the specific tow and weight ratings of your vehicle. And for more information watch this video from the RV Safety & Education Foundation.

Trailer Life Towing Guide

Trailer Life Magazine is a top industry resource for all things RV, and their towing guides cover setup, towing capacity, ratings, and more – information that can be key in choosing the right vehicle and RV. You can find a comprehensive list of past Trailer Life Towing Guides here.

Find Your Perfect Towable RV

There are so many different types of RVs, there’s definitely something for everyone. But don’t let having so many choices overwhelm you; we’re here to help you sort through it all and figure out what you need and want.

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