Why We RV and Mountain Bike

with Brooke Goudy and Britt Greer
Britt and Brooke getting ready to go on a mountain bike ride outside of their RV
Britt and Brooke enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning outside of their RV

What do you love about RVing?


Britt was actually the one to introduce me to RV life and I had such a fun time. It made everything feel more comfortable—we could cook together, relax together, play games together, and just sit and reflect on our day. RVing also made mountain biking easier. We could bring all of our stuff right to the bottom of the mountain, get a good night’s sleep, and then wake up, unload our gear and immediately hop on the trails.


In an RV, I can get a good night’s rest, which I really appreciate. Overall, it’s a more comfortable way to travel and camp. In a tent, you can get tired of sleeping on the ground, eating instant oatmeal and not showering for a few days. But with an RV, you can stay out longer, go farther and really enjoy the place that you’re in. Plus, I can bring my dog along for the ride.

Britt Greer and Brooke Goudy lounge inside of a Mallard travel trailer

How does traveling with someone help build a stronger relationship?


For me, travel is a great way to get to know someone. If you have to spend long hours in a car or an RV with someone, you get the opportunity to really talk. You can explore your past, your present and the goals you have for the future. And there’s the shared excitement of arriving at your destination and doing something that you love together. This excitement builds as you’re traveling together and then you’re able to enjoy the destination that much more because you’ve connected with someone on the journey to get there.


I think traveling with someone is one of the best ways to peer deeper into their soul. You might find yourself in an uncomfortable or unknown situation and it gives you an opportunity to really dig deeper into who someone is and how they see things. In daily life, our connections with people are often short and direct or geared towards work or solving a problem, and it’s a shame that we can’t spend more personal time together. But when you RV and camp together, it can totally change your relationship and allow you to have more of those personal moments.

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